Ingenieurpool Tech-Triebwerke

• The "Pool":
    The Engineering - Pool "Tech-Triebwerke" is already activ in sales and services since the year Jahr 2000 in the fields of Engineering as well the develpopment of propulsion as well in the energy sector.
• Our Services:
    In this connection the Engineering Pool offers the following portfolio: 

    - Engineering
    - Consulting (Patent applications)
    - Development and conceptual modelling
    - Technical Documentation
    - FEM-Analyses
    - Electical-Construction
    - Industrial-Design
    - Technical Drawings, Especial in 3D
    - Advisory service in patent analyse
    - Support in patent applications
• Our Philosophy:
    It is our concern to transform your ideas into projects in a reliable and professional way. Our long-term practical experience in electrical and mechanical engineering will help you additionally to perform those kind of projects in the best way.

    If there occured some kind of interest while reading our presentation or if you have any questions in correlation to our services, please do not hesitate to write to us an e-mail or send us a fax. There will be also an additonal inquiry form available under Contact.