Ingenieurpool Tech-Triebwerke

• Our special Service Offer:
    We are able to offer you the service of a local contact site.
    Appealed are medium sized companies in Germany or even in foreign countries who are planning to expand their market fields. For those companies it is often too costly to establish a full branch in those kind of remotely areas. To avoid this problem there will be the possibility to get a local company address in an equivalent kind of way. 

    Don't be hesitate for the request of an individual offer relating to our special service. Together with us as well with relatively low expenditures you will be able select an additional branch for your business in your desirable location and to profit from it in a varied manner. 

    You might be able to rent for example a business address in our country as well to use it on all your business papers, calling cards and at least your web page.

    In addition we might attach with pleasure your company plate in your desirable location. By the help of this your virtual office will be also visible on site. 

    Our business services are favorable and offer you an attractive virtual office: 

    You might combine the telephone secretary together with your business address.

    According on demand we carry out the individually services for you:

    -Installing your company logo in our entrance
    -postal service and mail forwarding

    If there is a postal and forwarding service, the mail can be opened for you in a contemporary way. Additionally it can be sorted out by request of advertisements, scanned and forwarded e.g. as e-mail. 
    The original documents will be archived additionally if necessary in a long time archive.